Bed and Board
Boarding rates are by the calendar day. You will be charged for the day your pet checks in, regardless of arrival time. Normal check out time is between 8:30am – 12pm Monday through Saturday. You can arrange to check out later in the day; however, there is no charge for that day if your pet is picked up by 12pm. Sunday hours for checking in or checking out are 9am - 10am and 3:30pm – 4:30pm only.

Dogs -
Room rates $30.00
2nd dog in room $21.00
3rd dog in room $10.00

There is an additional $5.00 per day per dog charge for females in heat and intact males.

Cats -
Room rate $20.00

Day Care -
Doggie day care $20.00 8am-5pm

Year Round Guest Accommodations Include -
- Climate controlled Rooms
- Kuranda Beds
(these wonderful and sturdy cot-style beds provide firm, gentle, and even support off the ground).
- Meals and snacks are provided to your specifications (no extra charge).
.......... Please note: To avoid stomach upset and keep your pet’s system as regular as possible, we recommend you bring your pet’s food from home. If that isn’t possible, we will feed your pet our kennel food- which is a chicken based all natural premium dry food.
- Human interaction (no extra charge).
- Good night tuck in.

Medications -
Oral medication administration- $1.00 per dose.
Insulin injections, eye medications or other complicated meds- $3.00 per dose.

Flea and tick treatment -
All pets will be checked upon arrival. Pets showing signs of fleas or ticks will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Extra play time -
1/2 hour individual play: $10.00 per session
1/2 hour group play: $5.00 per session
Leash walking: 15 minutes $5.00 per walk
...................... 30minutes $10.00 per walk
Late night walk 7pm – 9:30pm: 15 minutes $5.00
.............................................. 30 minutes $10.00

Grooming Services -
Grooming services are available by appointment only Monday – Saturday.
Prices vary depending on the breed and condition of the dog or cat.
Please call for prices quotes and availability.

Training Services -
We offer a wide variety of training programs which are customized to you and your dog.

Puppy kindergarden thur advanced obedience. All levels of agility training, we do it all. Housebreaking, basic manners, board and train, advanced obedience, off leash training, basic training for tv, movie and advertising work, agility training, Just tell us what you need and let us do the rest.

We also offer daycare/training. While you are at work, let us train your dog.
Call for pricing.







Whelping Service -
We offer this service to approved Bitches only.

If you are thinking of Breeding, but don’t think that you are experienced enough, or have the time to dedicate to having a successful litter, we can help.
Our Special whelping Room is climate controlled, comfy, and clean. We have 24/7 monitoring during this time.

We are highly qualified, and have access to many veterinarians throughout the Tri state area.
For more information feel free to contact us.

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