Lil’Rodeo (Eastwick’s Obvious Rodeo OA AXJ- one of our beloved Dobermans) is competing in AKC Agility and is doing quite well!

On May 11, 2008 she earned her AKC Open Agility Title and on June 15, 2008 she earned her AKC Excellent Jumpers Agility Title! We are so proud and look forward to earning more titles.

We have an agility field on the property which has MAX 200 equipment and new courses are set weekly! The field can be rented by individuals or groups, just call for availability.

We may soon be offering Agility courses for people who aren’t looking to compete, just have fun with their dogs… keep your eyes on this page for details!
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Not only that… they take wonderful pictures of your pet at home, at their favorite park, anywhere! Photo packages are reasonable starting at $95.00. Check it out!
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