Now you can finally go away and know your pet is in good hands! Green Dog Inn is a family run business where your pet’s health and well being are our main priority. Knowing your pet is receiving love, attention, and proper care, allows everyone to relax and have a great time.




Purchased in August 2005 by Bonnie Waseleski, Green Dog Inn is situated on six acres of a former dairy farm in Lower Sussex County, New Jersey.



Your pets are housed in the main kennel building which was built in 1973. But don’t let its age fool you! The rooms are bright, attractive and comfortable. It truly is a “hotel” for dogs and cats! The dog rooms are spacious and temperature controlled. We have central air conditioning in the summer and central heat in the winter. Windows are open on beautiful temperate days to allow for fresh air flow and interesting smells to make their way inside. The smooth, painted masonry floors provide a cool place for your dog to sprawl out on those hot summer days, while elevated beds keep your pup up off the floor and cozy warm on chilly winter days.
The cat rooms are cozy and comfy. They have room for a litter box, food and water bowls and a bed. Plus there is a shelf for your kitty to sit on- making the space even more attractive. The cats are also housed well away from the dog rooms, so they feel safe and secure.

The owner resides on the property, allowing for 24 hour supervision. Our main goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, clean and healthy environment to all of our guests. Every guest who stays with us: is up to date on vaccinations, receives plenty of attention, lots of exercise, and the best meals that can be served in a stainless steel dish.

A Bit About History
Formerly known as “The Carriage House Canine Inn”, the original kennel was built over 150 years ago. The carriage house building, from which the kennel received its name, was used to shelter the buggies and surries that carried the farmers to church services, meetings, and other important events. While that building is no longer used, it still stands on the property as a reminder of a bygone era.


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